BKR Appraisers provide services for Church and Religious Organizations

Religious Icons, artifacts, ecclesiastic vestments and inventory, BKR Appraisers provides quality service.

BKR Appraisers are available for assignments Nationally.

Services Include Inventory and Appraisal of:

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  • Religious Icons
  • Religious Artifacts
  • Sacred Art
  • Ecclesiastic Vestments
  • Church Furnishings
  • Damage or Total Loss Claims
  • Fair Market Value Appraisals (for IRS Qualified Charitable Contributions)
  • Fair Market Value Appraisals (for Estate Tax and Probate)
  • Replacement  and Reproduction Cost Appraisals
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Rick Bauer, Lead Master Appraiser, MPPA, GPPA, CAGA, USPAP Compliant

Richard Kloeckener,  Appraiser GPPA, CAGA, USPAP Compliant